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National Occupational Standards (NOS) Health and Social Care

(Summer 2012)

The Health and Social Care (HSC) NOS are important standards for social care workers and health care workers in all parts of the UK.

Over the past few months, the HSC NOS have been updated to make sure they include the right things for the sector and are easy to use. This updating work has been carried out by Skills for Care and Development and Skills for Health, by asking people in the health and social care sectors how they wanted the existing HSC NOS to be improved.


The revised HSC NOS are now ready for use.

  • There are still over 200 separate NOS that can be put together to cover all sorts of job roles at different levels of responsibility in the health and social care sector
  • The NOS will still in future be used directly as units within SVQs in Scotland and will still relate closely to units within QCF qualifications in England, Wales and N Ireland
  • The NOS can still be used in many other ways; they are still an important resource for anyone interested in or working with the health and social care workforce
  • A small number of new NOS have been introduced because of new developments in the sector
  • All other NOS have been checked and updated to make sure that what they contain is best practice

HSC 2012 National Occupational Standards - status


You can search and view the standards on the
National Occupational Standards database